untitled-300x200The Big Canyon Balloon earth science program launched in Georgia in 2012. Based in Atlanta, the program delivers geology content to elementary and middle schools all over AL, GA, and TN. Teachers and administrators love the alignment to the Alabama Course of Study for Science and the unforgettable reference for students. These hard to teach earth science concepts are a snap for students when they are recalling information for the ACT Aspire tests after experiencing The Big Canyon Balloon!

Rocky travels to schools with his teacher friend, Ginny Rushing. Ginny began her career as a classroom teacher in 1998, teaching all subjects in elementary schools in both North Carolina and Texas. Originally from Greensboro, NC, Ginny received her degree in psychology and elementary education from Meredith College. In 2012, she began SparkPoint Innovations and moved from the classroom into the world of in-school science programs. She is a certified teacher in NC, TX and GA. Sharing the magic of these STEM programs with tens of thousands of students each year is rewarding and fun!

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