Pricing for Kentucky Orbit Earth Expo Program

Unlike other programs who present to your students in a huge group staying for only a couple of hours, the SparkPoint Innovations team works with smaller groups and presents the entire school day from first bell to last. See our schedules page for ideas to create your custom schedule.

August – October
$1500 /day

November – January
$1600 /day

February – April
$1700 /day

May – June
$1600 /day

Summer Programs
$1400 /day

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Buddy Discount:
A $200 discount for each school when 3 or more schools book collaboratively within the same district area. For schools outside the Cincinnati metropolitan area, please book these dates on consecutive days within the same week for our travel convenience and your savings.

Two Day Discount:
A $200/day discount is applied to any school large enough to require more than one day of presentations to reach the number of students attending the programs. See scheduling page to determine if this would apply to your school size.

Travel Expenses:
Travel expenses will apply for presentation sites more that 25 miles from the Cincinnati, Ohio area. IRS mileage guideline on the day of booking (currently $0.67/mile) based on point to point published mileage from our West Chester township, OH base to the hotel and/or school and back.

When overnight stay is necessary:
$150/night for travel accommodations including meals. Schools booking in the same area for the same week may divide mileage fees.

Rates for evenings, extended stay or professional development also available.