Orbit Earth Expo launched in Minnesota in 2016. Based in Minneapolis, the program delivers content to elementary and middle schools all over the state. Teachers and administrators love the alignment to MN K-12 Academic Standards and the unforgettable reference for students. These hard to teach concepts in earth and space science are a snap for students recalling information for the MCAs after experiencing Orbit Earth Expo!

Orb, along with his Sun George and his appropriately scaled moon, travel to schools with their teacher friend, Rudy Ford. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, Rudy Ford has lived all around the country and currently resides in St. Paul, Minnesota. After earning his BS in Psychology at Williams College, Rudy taught full time for 13 years before moving into school leadership and spending 15 years as a middle school principal. He’s excited to continue his journey as an educational consultant and a member of the SparkPoint Innovations team. In his spare time, Rudy enjoys biking, kayaking, watching baseball, and caring for his dog and four cats. He can’t wait to introduce you to Orb!

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