Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you present these programs?

Orbit Earth Expo and the Big Canyon Balloon are ideally – and almost always – presented in a gymnasium. If a cafeteria or multipurpose room is to be considered, it must meet the same specifications for the programs regarding ceiling height and floor space.

Do you offer special pricing for Title 1 schools?

Our pricing is the same for all schools, however we do qualify for Title 1 funding due to our diligent alignment to both state and grade level standards. The reason we teach so many Title 1 schools is that we are so affordable as an in-school field trip – usually $2-3 per student at the elementary level or $4-5 per student at the middle school level.

Do you teach science nights?

We do stay for science nights as an add-on to a school day, but we do not come to schools exclusively for a science night due to the extensive set up and take down of our teaching models. The cost to add a science night on to a full day of programs is an additional $200.

Can you come for a half day?

We can come for a half day, but our prices are the same. Our flat rate, which varies by month, covers a full school day of programs taught by our certified teachers.

How much time do you need for set up and take down?

We need an hour before your first program begins and 45-60 minutes after school for take down and loading.

Can we use the gym during set up and take down?

Almost always, yes. Occasionally if there is a small gym and a school is used to using the entire space, it may not work. Most of the time, we can retreat to one side of the gym to finish our take down and the other half remains available for normal use. Please ask the teacher with whom you are booking if you have special circumstances.

What does a typical schedule look like?

In an elementary school, we typically teach 1-2 groups of each grade level, depending on the size of the school and which grades we are teaching. We ask for a 30 minute lunch during the day and 5 minutes between classes to reset and for traffic to flow in and out of the gym.

In a middle school, we follow the bell schedule and typically teach the 4-5 class periods that students attend science class and present our program to all of the science classes that period. One period usually serves as our lunch break.

Can our school share mileage costs with another school if we book together?

Absolutely! And the more schools that book in the same area on consecutive days, the smaller that number can be.

Can we videotape the program?

No. Just as our canyon model is patented, our programs are copyrighted. They may not be recorded in any way. Pictures for yearbook, press, or just for fun are welcome at any time!

Do you offer grants?

SparkPoint Innovations does not provide grants, but our newsletter sent 1-2 times per month during the school year keeps a running list of grants we research and hear about from teachers. We are more than happy to help schools fill out the portions of grant applications that pertain to our programs.

We have 150 students per grade level. Can they all come at the same time?

No. Our programs are designed for groups of less than 100 children. Our Big Canyon Balloon model has a fossil tunnel classroom at the back of the model where students visit to continue their lesson, which will hold a maximum of 50 students at the elementary level, 40 at the middle school level. Our programs are intended to be interactive with as much student participation as possible. When the groups are larger than we recommend, the value of the program is complicated.