Georgia Scheduling & Guidelines | Orbit Earth Expo


(please feel free to ask questions or describe special circumstances)

K, 1st, 2nd & 3rd grade programs: 30 minutes (2-4 classes, 40-100 students)

4th, 5th, 6th grade programs: 45-60 minutes (2-4 classes, 40-100 students)


  • Please create a schedule for us to follow that works for your school and includes the students/grades you would like for us to teach.
  • We will teach first bell to last, but ask for a 30 minute lunch break during day. Please limit your classes to a maximum of six. If you have a special situation, please contact to brainstorm ideas.
  • Please try to allow five minutes between groups to allow for student traffic flow in and out of the gym.
  • Be sure to inform PE coaches of use of the gym, as they will need to hold PE classes in alternate location.
  • Consider before and after school uses of your gym. Set up and take down take about an hour. If gym is used for dismissal, you may wish to alter the plan on the day of programs.
  • It is not recommended that our program follow your specials schedule because we strongly encourage that teachers attend with their students to receive the maximum benefits to the students’ learning.

Guidelines for our program:

  • Our programs are unique learning experiences intended for multiple small groups described in the Scheduling Information above.
  • Classroom teachers need to be in attendance with their students. The vocabulary and teaching methods we use can be taken back into the classroom and used as learning seeds to grow. Having a common background experience with their students, teachers can use our Big Canyon Balloon and Orbit Earth Expo experiences as a springboard for student discussion, problem solving application and higher order thinking scenarios.
  • The presenters of our programs assume teachers will manage students if needed – this is an amazing science experience for everyone!
  • With the exception of PTA, yearbook or press photos, NO TECHNOLOGY is allowed. No part of our program is to be filmed in any manner. No cell phone use, please.
  • The room in which we are teaching (usually a gymnasium) must have at least a 16′ ceiling. Please consider objects that may be lower than the actual ceiling, such as beams, lights or fans.
  • Orbit Earth Expo must have all exterior windows covered (often a facilities services request through the district will take care of high windows.) The program can be taught without this, but the program is intended to be taught in the dark and some components will be compromised.