Orbit Earth Expo launched in Wisconsin in 2017. Based in Minneapolis, MN, the program delivers content to elementary and middle schools all over the state. Teachers and administrators love the alignment to WMAS standards and the unforgettable reference for students. These hard to teach concepts in astronomy are a snap for students when they are recalling information for the Forward Exams after experiencing Orbit Earth Expo!

Orb, along with his Sun George and his appropriately scaled moon, travel to schools with their teacher friend, Bonnie Mueller. Bonnie has over 22 years of teaching experience, 18 of them at Richfield High School near Minneapolis, MN. During those years, she has had adventures as a dean of students, an A.V.I.D. advisor, an English teacher, and a yearbook advisor—all while being a lifelong learner. She earned her Ph.D. in Education from Capella University and now takes just about any class that comes her way. She was born in Wisconsin and now lives in Minnesota. Her in-laws live in France, so every so often she spends a few weeks admiring the universe from the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Bonnie thinks so highly of the moon, stars, and planets, that she aligns her gardening, haircuts, dinner parties, and travel with the moon’s phase and sign. She can’t wait to introduce you to Orb!

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