SEGUIN, TEXAS – A big thank you to Navarro Elementary’s 3rd and 4th graders for inviting us to spend the day on your campus! We had so much fun sharing our models with you and really appreciated your excellent participation. You guys rocked!!!

We enjoyed your enthusiasm for Astronomy, as many of you had great comments and questions for us after the presentation. Sorry we couldn’t hang out a little longer to discuss our amazing solar system!

One student was anxious to share his love for his favorite planet, Jupiter! In addition to Jupiter being the largest planet, he noted that the Great Red Spot is a permanent storm on the planet and that it has dark, thin rings.

Another student mentioned that even though the outer planets are called gas giants, Neptune and Uranus could also be called ice giants because they are so cold and are made up of lots of icy materials.

Some of you said you were going to continue to learn more about Astronomy during your summer break. What a great way to spend the summer! Who needs video games when you have astronomy?

Go Panthers!

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