When a school books either the Big Canyon Balloon or Orbit Earth Expo, a full school day of interactive Science programs is at their disposal! The SparkPoint team will arrive an hour early to set up, teach from first bell to last, and then pack up. While some elementary schools choose to have every grade level participate over the course of the day, there are instances where only one or two grade levels want to join in on the learning, usually those best aligned to the content being taught. 

In these instances, teachers may want to consider “sharing the love” and inviting other schools to participate!

Suppose that there are three schools, each with two grades that want to participate. In this scenario, the host school should take the first and last program of the day so that the other schools have time to travel. Group A would attend the first session and the rest of their day would proceed on a normal schedule. Group B could run a normal schedule except for attending the last session.

Only pay for the classes needed and reduce the cost! Win-Win! 

For schools two and three, each group would need to schedule in time to travel to and from school one. Depending on their distance apart, it might be possible for one set of buses to transport both schools! All three schools could split the cost of the program and the buses equally. Here’s that scenario presented visually:

In another scenario, four schools could share the programs. Let’s say that schools one and two want two sessions and schools three and four only need one each. Here’s what that would look like: 

In this scenario, we would suggest splitting the cost of the visit so that schools one and two pay a little more since they’re each getting two sessions. The cost of the buses could still be shared equally.

Of course, these are just two examples. There are lots of possibilities once you start to consider sharing the love! SparkPoint teachers and staff are happy to help you organize this for your school today! 


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