Science Night is an exciting add-on to our Big Canyon Balloon and Orbit Earth Expo programs, and it’s a fantastic opportunity to take the learning beyond the school day. For just $200 more, you can extend the magic of our programs with an extra two hours of exploration and discovery in the evening. With a Science Night add-on, you have two options for how families experience our programs. 

Option A is to have components of the program set up as stations that parents and students can visit. Families can choose which stations to visit, in any order they wish, and determine how long they remain in one place. With this option, we need at least six enthusiastic volunteers from the school to join in on the fun, assisting with various stations (training is provided) and keeping an eye on the curious minds at play. Option A pairs well with a book fair, science fair, or Title I parent engagement night. Our giant inflatables can be the “hook” that gets families on campus!

Option B is that our teachers present the full program to an audience of parents and students at set times over the two hours. This option works best as a stand-alone event or paired with sessions for particular groups of families. For instance, you could meet with parents of K-2 students while grades 3-5 attend the program for the first hour, with the two groups switching places for the second hour. In this option, volunteers would help families to get seated, greet latecomers, and direct families to the correct session.

No matter which option you choose, a Science Night add-on is a chance for families to bond, learn, and have a blast while uncovering the mysteries of either astronomy or geology. Don’t miss out on this enlightening and entertaining opportunity!

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