While we primarily partner with elementary and middle schools to bring our interactive Science programs to their students, we here at SparkPoint love to work with all sorts of groups. We’ve partnered with public libraries, school-aged care groups, even amusement parks! In this blog post, we want to discuss another possible partnership – scouting programs!

What is Orbit Earth Expo?

Orbit Earth Expo is our astronomy program that features giant inflatables of the Earth, moon, and sun. Audience members interact with these models to understand why we experience night and day, seasons, moon phases, solar and lunar eclipses, and so much more. Our programs are tailored in length and content to the age level and requirements of the partnering group. We can present up to six programs in one visit and routinely present to audiences of 100 children per program session. 

How does this work for Scouting groups?

Scouting troops/packs can participate in our astronomy program by forming a collective partnership. By joining together as a large group, troops/packs can benefit from reduced costs and enhanced resources. Orbit Earth Expo would work well as part of a service unit or council-wide event, or even a Camporee with an astronomy theme. Our earth model is 14′ in diameter, so we need an indoor space with at least a 15′ ceiling clearance and the room to manipulate the models. Possible facilities include a school gym, church or park recreation center, or camp dining hall (with tables removed).

Does the program align with any Girl Scout badges?

Yes! Participating in Orbit Earth Expo can help to meet these requirements of the Space Science badge:

Daisy Space Science Explorer badge

Daisy Space Science Explorer:

  • Explore the Sun – Daisies will understand why we see the move across the sun during the day. They will rotate the earth model to experience morning, noon, evening, and night.
  • Observe the Moon – Daisies will see our moon model orbit around THEM to create the moon phases.
Brownie Space Science Adventurer badge

Brownie Space Science Adventurer:

  • Meet the Neighbors – Brownies will act as the planets, orbiting around our sun model.
  • Investigate the Moon – Brownies will see how the earth, moon, and sun work together to create our moon phases and eclipses.  
  • Celebrate and Share – Orbit Earth Expo works well as part of a “space party” or stargazing event. 

Junior Space Science Investigator:

  • Model the Solar System – Juniors will act as the planets, orbiting around our sun model. They will also experience a scale model of the Earth-moon system, as our Earth and moon models are proportional!
  • Circle the Sun – Juniors will see a demonstration of how the Earth’s tilt and orbit around the sun create our seasons. 

What about Scouting BSA badge requirements? 

Orbit Earth Expo can help scouts complete these badge requirements:

Astronomy Merit Badge:

  • List the names of the five most visible planets and describe the motion of the planets across the sky.
  • Sketch the face of the moon and indicare at least five seas and five craters. (Our moon model uses NASA imagery)
  • Explain the relative positions of the Sun, Earth, and Moon at the times of lunar and solar eclipses and moon phases.

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