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Orbit Earth Expo Launches into Deer Park Elementary!

SparkPoint’s Texas Team, along with their buddy Orb, visited the Houston area today to teach Orbit Earth Expo to their eager students! The 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders had an out of this world experience at Deer Park Elementary.  

Our teachers, Lydia and Madison, reported that both students and teachers were excited and involved to take part in Orbit Earth Expo. Thanks for a fantastic day, Eagles! 

2016-2017: Our Year in Review

Orbit Earth Expo

Orbit Earth Expo is everywhere! From Texas to the Carolinas, Georgia to Minnesota, Orb had a blast traveling to K-8 students around the country. 

Students interacted with our huge models to discover the patterns behind eclipses, tides, seasons, and phases of the moon! Planets, stars, asteroids, and our Sun George were huge fan favorites. 

A little geography and math thrown in, and we covered major ground this year! 

New Districts

New Schools

New Classes

Students Reached

Big Canyon Balloon

Rocky the Big Canyon Balloon wowed audiences all over the South last school year!

Secrets of the fossil tunnel were revealed as students solved the mysteries using the clues hidden in Rocky’s layers. Earthquakes and oil deposits, fossils and tectonic plates…who knew superposition could tell us so much? 

The Erosion Dance brought us all together with a big laugh and we plundered through the complicated pieces of constructive and destructive forces, nature’s slow changes over time, and the occasional falling boulder!

New Districts

New Schools

New Classes

Students Reached

So where does that put us for our lifetime totals?

Total Districts

Total Schools

Total Classes

Total Students Reached

That's right! Over half a MILLION students increased their understanding of astronomy and geology with our programs. Do you want your students to be part of our next half million?

Top Ten Ways to Fund Rocky & Orb

10. Divide the total cost by the number of students and charge for a field trip! Good news? NO BUSES! Way cheaper. Usually $2-3 per student. 

9. Use school funds! Okay, we know this doesn’t happen very often, but sometimes a little can be squeezed to offset the big number. 

8. PTA/PTO funds! Parent Teacher Organizations love funding these programs because they reach all of the students in a school, not just one grade level. 

7. Are you a Title 1 school? We are eligible to be paid with Title 1 money, due to our stringent alignment to the standards! (We’ll also waive your deposit.) 

6. Be creative – use any combination of the above options to Create Your Own Invoice! No seriously, we don’t mind at all. Record number of invoices for one school = 4. Can you beat that? 

5. Write a grant! Oh, wait – you don’t have time. Let us help you! We love waxing on about the benefits of our programs for your students. You just fill in the easy parts and we’ll do the rest. 

4. Use our book “Maribel McTuft’s Grand Adventure” to fund your program! Pre-sell our geology adventure story to students for a price you set. We sell them to you for $5, but you may charge $7? $8? $10? Whatever you wish to offset costs for your program. And participating kids get a great book to keep!

3. Business Partners are the best! Have a local business who would like their name listed as sponsoring your school’s in-school field trip? Reach out and see who wants to be affilated with an amazing school experience. 

2. Has anyone in your school written a Donors Choose grant before? We are pros at this process! We’ve been excited to help schools fund our programs with this process – we will help you write it AND advertise it through social media! 

1. Have a connection with a home school group? Open up one of your sessions for them to attend and charge per student to offset your costs! Everyone wins. 

These are only the ways we have seen our programs funded in the past. We also have certain grade levels want the program and partner with other schools. Pick a location and bus the other kids through – we call it 5th Grade Round Up. Ask for details!

Have another idea? Leave it in the comments for us! 

We. Simply. Cannot. Wait.

New Year, New Deals
Rocky and Orb Can’t Wait!


Summer is over, that time has passed

It’s time to go to school at last!

Rocky and Orb have their ducks in a row.

There’s only one thing missing, though!

Rocky: Where are all the kids?!


Orb: They’re JUST back in school, Rocky. Some aren’t even back yet. Relax.

Rocky: Well, ok. I’m just a little….eager. It’s been a long summer!

Orb: Yes. There, there. I, too, am ready for some new conversations.

Rocky: Hey! That’s not nice!

Orb: Rocky. How many times can we count your layers? Yes, you look like bacon. Yes, you are very, very large. Yes, your waterfall is breathtaking. Yada yada.

Rocky: (chuckles) I DO resemble bacon quite a lot.


Erosion and weathering, fossils and forces!

Moon phases, seasons, and energy sources!

Tectonic plates and landforms’ slow changes,

Eclipses, winds, and high mountain ranges!

Don’t hesitate, dates are already booked.

Show kids our programs and they will be hooked

On mysteries, theories, and questions of scale,

Sounds like the time to not miss our new sale!


For $50 off, book right away!

Save your date and some cash

At the end of the day.

Use code #SCHOOL17 for savings today!


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