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We. Simply. Cannot. Wait.

New Year, New Deals
Rocky and Orb Can’t Wait!


Summer is over, that time has passed

It’s time to go to school at last!

Rocky and Orb have their ducks in a row.

There’s only one thing missing, though!

Rocky: Where are all the kids?!


Orb: They’re JUST back in school, Rocky. Some aren’t even back yet. Relax.

Rocky: Well, ok. I’m just a little….eager. It’s been a long summer!

Orb: Yes. There, there. I, too, am ready for some new conversations.

Rocky: Hey! That’s not nice!

Orb: Rocky. How many times can we count your layers? Yes, you look like bacon. Yes, you are very, very large. Yes, your waterfall is breathtaking. Yada yada.

Rocky: (chuckles) I DO resemble bacon quite a lot.


Erosion and weathering, fossils and forces!

Moon phases, seasons, and energy sources!

Tectonic plates and landforms’ slow changes,

Eclipses, winds, and high mountain ranges!

\Don’t hesitate, dates are already booked.

Show kids our programs and they will be hooked

On mysteries, theories, and questions of scale,

Sounds like the time to not miss our new sale!


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Save your date and some cash

At the end of the day.

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Hello Minnesota!

To kick off our move into Minnesota, we offered a special “sneak preview” for parent organization groups. We were pleased to have not just one, but four schools take us up on our offer!

We had so much fun teaching Orbit Earth Expo to students, teachers, and parents who had never seen the program before. Orb and the SparkPoint team are so grateful for all of the feedback the teachers and parents provided us – our goal is to make Orbit Earth Expo JUUUUUUUUUST right for Minnesota schools. (Just like our earth is in the perfect location relative to the sun to be juuuuuust right for life on earth!)

SparkPoint is excited to officially “launch” into schools beginning in September – we will be accepting bookings early, so let us know if you want to get your school on the schedule. In the meantime, tell your friends! Pass us along! We can’t wait to bring these bigger than life models to your school next fall!

Greenwood Elementary

May 22, 2017

Centennial Elementary

May 23, 2017

Oak Point Elementary

May 24, 2017

Rogers STEM Elementary

May 25, 2017

A Total Eclipse? Orb Cannot Wait!

An eclipse as viewed from space - we can show this to students using our model!

At SparkPoint Innovations, we are so excited for the total solar eclipse taking place on August 21, 2017! We teach these concepts every day using our huge, inflatable earth model and scale sized moon to students across the country. 

Countdown to Total Solar Eclipse








Our in-school field trip, Orbit Earth Expo, is aligned to state standards in grades K-8 in states across the country. Students and teachers alike love our huge, unforgettable teaching models that bring science to life. Students manipulate our models to figure out how solar and lunar eclipses happen, how often, and when! The program also covers such topics as moon rotation, seasons, phases of the moon, wind, patterns in the solar system, and more! 

Our programs are affordable, usually around $3 per student, and cover more information that you could imagine in a single class period. Programs vary by students’ age and grade and are taught by certified, experienced teachers who gear the programs until it’s just right for your students. 

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