SparkPoint Innovations is excited to launch our popular Orbit Earth Expo K-8 astronomy program in Minnesota, our newest state! 

  • Taught by experienced, certified teachers
  • Aligned to grade level MN Academic Standards
  • Not an assembly – all day programs to small groups
  • Affordable! Typically only $2-5 per child. No buses, no travel, no hassle! 


What DO the kids experience during Orbit Earth Expo?

Problem solving! Rotation, revolution, seasons, tides, eclipses, winds, planetary composition, relative position in space, planets, asteroids, properties of the moon. 

Debate! Does the moon rotate? Is our model to scale? Does the moon’s gravity affect us? What month is it in the opposite hemisphere? Why? And so much more… 


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Ginny Rushing

Owner, SparkPoint Innovations

(direct) 763-333-1775

(office) 470-719-1999 



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