HOLDINGFORD, MN – Catherine brought Orbit Earth Expo to Holdingford Elementary School for a day of programs and a Science Night! Thank you to the amazing PTA parents who helped throughout the day. Mikayla and Ed, along with their indispensable assistants, Douglas and Arlo, helped all day long!


Orb led grade level programs from first bell to last and the kids’ behavior and enthusiasm was ranked as “excellent”! Nice job, Huskers! And on a rainy day with indoor recess at that…impressive! 

We were impressed with those witty third graders – they got out memory trick right on the first try! How long does it take the mooooooon to revolve around the earth? The answer? About a mooooooonth! Way to go, kids! 

Orb loves when kids notice how the oceans have many shades of blue and it’s fun to figure out why our sonar images show those differences – a good guess we heard today was “maybe it’s related to the water’s temperatures?” Great guess! Do you know the actual reason? 

Our science night was a blast – it was fun to see so many students from the day. Many thanks to the PTA parents and volunteers for helping with stations throughout the night! What a great time to see pre-schoolers to high schoolers from around Holdingford…what a fantastic community! 

Thanks for having us out! We hope to see you again! 

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