SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS – Rocky the Big Canyon Balloon stopped by Olmos Elementary for a day of geology programs with the 2nd, 4th, and 5th graders.


Thank you to the Olmos Owls for their attention and focus and really great questions! We were so excited that Mrs. Smith scheduled us some extra time after each class for us to hear the kids’ questions and ideas – what a thinking group this was!


Nick and Ginny’s favorite question was “Can there be erosion without deposition?” What a great thought from this 4th grader! Love to see kids thinking beyond the facts and wondering what if! (PS – the only example we can think of is if a parent rock is dissolved by water – otherwise, everything has to land somewhere!

Thanks for having us out, Olmos! We always enjoy visiting your students!

What landform did these kids create if they represent grains of sand?


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