SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS – What a fun day Nick and Ginny had with the Redland Oaks Raccoons! Those kids rocked from kindergarten to 5th grade – literally rocked! If you haven’t seen it yet, the Erosion Dance is something to behold. Ask your student to show you the difference between weathering and erosion.

Nick! What have you done now??

We had a real problem with Nick and the boulder today – he just broke it! Thank goodness that was a good example of weathering, because otherwise we were going to have to label him as a destructive force in nature!

The Fossil Tunnel!

Addie poses with Rocky – watch out for that sediment!

5th grade wrapped our day up with a full hour of geology – we were so impressed by their attention, focus, and excellent questions in the last hours before a week of vacation! Great job, 5th grade! (Remember to bring Ms. Porter’s water wings if you take her to a water park – deposition really got the best of her! )

Thanks for having us out, Redland Oaks! We had a great time! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Break!