SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS – Camelot Elementary School welcomed Orb (our nickname for our 16′ earth model) this week. Lydia and Kimberly raved about how great student behavior was and how hand on and engaged the teachers were – our favorite kind of day!

We so appreciated the principal coming by to join us! Thanks, Ms. Payne, for checking out what Orbit Earth Expo had to offer your students!

Those Camelot Knights rotated the earth and revolved the moon with ease. Phases of the moon? No problem! We even nailed waxing vs. waning! The older students tackled some space challenges like eclipses, tides, and seasons, while the younger kids watched closely for patterns in our solar system. The rotation of the earth really makes our day! Why?

Speaking of younger students, Lydia was blown away by the attention and focus of the Pre-K students – that is REALLY something to be proud of! Way to go Knights!

We can’t wait to see you again in March, when we bring the Big Canyon Balloon to Camelot! Thanks for having us!