CUMMING, GEORGIA – Rocky the Big Canyon Balloon dropped into Piney Grove Middle School this week and had an absolute blast! Just returned from a Georgia “snow day”, those 6th graders were ready to show us all that they knew!

Ginny and Bailey tried to stump them, but these kids new their weathering and erosion inside and out. We played with rock comparisons, did some clever erosion dances (we had never had a student do the worm on our beach before!) and weathered rocks and minerals alike. 

Best response of the day when comparing a smooth rock to a rough rock was that the rough rock must be newer! Cool thinking! We love hearing fresh ideas – and it for sure hadn’t been around the river as long as that smooth rock – it was clearly just an old softie! 

Thanks for having us out, Grizzlies! We enjoyed seeing you twice this year and look forward to next year! You rock!