CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA – We loved visiting the students at Hawk Ridge Elementary School with Orbit Earth Expo! 

The day began with 4th grade – lots of oohs and ahhs over the light refracting through the prism – so fun in the dark! Those kids really knew their moon phases, even gibbous moon that can be so tricky! 4th grade was on point with their explanation of why the gibbous moons are not identical as well – great thinking!

Fifth grade was on the ball with their answers about heat transfer – sun’s heat on dragon’s back is radiated heat, heat on his belly (from the rock) is conduction, lava lamp is convection, as well as global winds. Wow! We talked about the prevailing westerly and why the trip TO Hawaii takes two hours more than the trip home – on the way there, you’re flying against the wind! They also really got a kick out of the producers, consumers, and decomposers discussion (How does the sun’s energy get into our bodies? Lay some energy on me!)

Third grade was on fire with their knowledge of salt vs. freshwater and the order of the planets. They did a great job putting all of the planets in motion! Thanks for inviting Orb to come visit you guys for the day! We had a blast!

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