NORCROSS, GEORGIA – Orbit Earth Expo had a blast with the fourth graders at Norcross Elementary School on Valentine’s Day last week! We spent the morning differentiating between rotation and orbit as we rotated the huge 14′ earth model and revolved the scale sized moon! It took a little math to make sure our moon was to scale – it was to scale in one way, but not in another….can you remember how?

Later in the program, we created the phases of the moon and tried to help our new teacher, Gabi, learn the difference between waxing and waning. From there, we sped through demonstrations and experienced the moon’s rotation, seasons, tides, winds, and acted out the solar system with a bang! Remember when Jupiter got left behind? We had to fix that in a hurry, and then figure out what in the world Pluto was doing in there….didn’t Pluto disappear? The 4th graders didn’t fall for that one!

Thanks for having us out, Norcross! We always enjoy visiting the 4th grade! If you’d like to show your families what you saw today, you can watch a video about Orbit Earth Expo here: SparkPoint Innovations: Orbit Earth Expo

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