BEASLEY, TEXAS – SparkPoint Innovations had a great time at Beasley Elementary on Tuesday, getting to spend time with each grade level! Nick enjoyed how inquisitive and curious the Pre-K and kindergarten students were – what a great audience!

The 5th grade Bobcats really knew their geology – wow! Erosion and weathering were not a problem for those kids. Good luck on your upcoming benchmark test; it doesn’t sound like it will be a problem!

The Big Canyon Balloon had a blast with every grade level talking about the earth’s slow changes over time. We’re not talking about tornadoes and earthquakes….we’re talking about those really slooooooooow changes that take place over such a long period of time, you don’t even know they’re going on! Our canyon model showed those changes as we time traveled to the future though – do you recall how much change took place over time? What did the water do to the rock? 

From sediments to minerals, fossils to oil deposits, weathering to deposition, these Beasley kids know their stuff. We loved learning about the different houses within your school too – you guys ROCK! 

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