PORTLAND, TEXAS – A big thank you to TM Clark Elementary for inviting us to spend the day on your campus! We had so much fun sharing our models with you and your inquisitive minds – Your enthusiasm for Astronomy was truly out of this world!

Some great questions were asked, such as, “How many dwarf planets are in our solar system?” Answer: Besides Pluto, there are currently 4 recognized dwarf planets in our solar system. However, this number could change in the future as scientists continue to study our solar system. Another great question was “Will all of the planets ever be in alignment?” Answer: No, the eight major planets will never be perfectly aligned because of the position and tilt of their orbits.

We also enjoyed hearing some of your fun facts about our solar system. Check them out below.
“About 1 million Earths would fit inside of the sun”
“The Kuiper Belt is in our solar system just past Neptune”

Thanks again to the Clark Bobcats for a great day!

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