FRISCO, TEXAS – What a fantastic day with the students of Nichols Elementary and Rocky, the Big Canyon Balloon! We had a blast covering geology concepts throughout the day with grades K-5. Nick raved about how respectful and fun the students were, and – wow! – did they know their earth science!

The K-2 kids blew Nick away with their knowledge of fossils and the earth’s slow changes over time. We heard their teachers are doing a fantastic job of covering all of the science TEKS – awesome! 

A big thank you to the PTA for sponsoring the Big Canyon Balloon program, specifically to Ms. Natinsky for her help throughout the day. 

Great job, Nichols students! Your knowledge of tough concepts like erosion, weathering, deposition, fossils, rocks, and minerals blew Nick away! Thanks for joining us for a fun day of programs, trips through the fossil tunnel, and, of course, the Break-Move-Drop song! 

Nichols Elementary students ROCK!

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