SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS – What a fun welcome to the school day for the kids at Camelot Elementary – we so enjoyed the music being play at the front doors and the high fives on the way in! Love seeing kids’ days start that way!

Nick so appreciated the help from responsible students as he began setting up our HUGE canyon model in the school’s gym. Rocky is 40 feet wide and 15 feet tall, so we always appreciate extra help! Thank you to Ms. Herzog for organizing!

Rocky the Big Canyon Balloon had a great time in that amazing new gym teaching geology to all of the students. Gig ’em, Coach! Thanks for sharing your space with us! We had a blast solving the earth’s mysteries of erosion, weathering, and deposition, comparing rocks and fossils and minerals, and of course, the Break! Move! Drop! song. 

Thanks for having us out, Camelot Elementary, we had a blast and hope you did too! 

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