DEER PARK, TEXAS – A big thank you to San Jacinto Elementary for inviting us to spend the day on your campus! We had so much fun sharing our models with you and really appreciated your excellent participation. What an amazing audience!

We enjoyed your enthusiasm for astronomy, as many of you had great comments and questions for us after the presentation. Sorry we couldn’t hang out a little longer to discuss our amazing solar system!

A couple of notable comments we heard…
“There is a planet in our galaxy made of diamonds” (Astronomers believe planet 55 Cancri e, discovered in the Milky Way Galaxy in 2004, is likely made of diamonds.)
“Venus is called Earth’s sister planet because they are similar in size and mass, but they are definitely not the same temperature!”

And some of you wanted to share your own corny jokes. Here was my favorite…
Q: What is a plant’s favorite drink? A: Root Beer

Thanks again San Jacinto for a great day!

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