ALPHARETTA, GEORGIA – Rocky the Big Canyon Balloon was excited to visit Fulton Science Academy! Those K-5th graders really knew their way around some hard geology concepts. 

Weather and erosion? Not a problem for this crowd. Do you remember what the W stands for? Why do we break it? Rocky was super impressed with the rock stars who came up to dance the erosion dance! Why do we dance to represent erosion? Because erosion is all about the MOVEMENT of earth materials, of course!

All of the students visited the fossil tunnel for a trip back in time. Where do we find the oldest fossils? In the deeper layers – can you remember why they’re there? Who was older, the cephalopod or the trilobite?

Thanks for joining us on a journey of constructive and destructive forces, fast and slow changes in nature (how about that boulder?), and an exploration of rocks vs minerals! We had a blast interacting with the mustangs at FSA!