DALTON, GEORGIA – We had a great time with the 6th graders at Dalton Middle School this week! Orb – our 14′ earth model from Orbit Earth Expo – arrived to the gym with his scale-sized moon and his buddy, George – our not-so-correct Sun. 

Our fantastic audience was on fire as they rotated the earth (how long does that take?) and orbited the moon (that takes a whole “moonth!” Solar and lunar eclipses were no problem for this crew – we even had a student call the full moon a lunar eclipse when we revolved halfway into the lunar cycle – brilliant observation!

When we moved to the center of the gym and sat in a circle around a smaller earth model, one particularly clever student said, “Hey! We must be the atmosphere in this model!” Ha ha! That was fantastic!

The Dalton Middle School 6th graders were hands down the best 6th grade audience we have ever seen during the month of May – we were so impressed by your respect, thoughtful answers, and excellent listening – we even made it through a surprise lockdown drill! Truly, this group of 6th graders and their teachers should be proud of such outstanding behavior – thanks for sharing these amazing kids with us. We had so much fun hanging out with you all! 

Have a great summer! We hope to see you next year!


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