CUMMING, GEORGIA – SparkPoint Innovations had a great day with the 4th graders at Brookwood Elementary! We look forward to visiting with these Bobcats each year! 

Moon phases and eclipses were no problem for this crew. They rotated the 14′ earth and revolved its scale-sized moon with ease! Do you remember some of the limitations of our model? We know the moon is the right size, but what’s wrong with it? Why does it look so large? Models can’t get everything right, can they?

The 4th grade students learned about tides and winds and even met our Sun – George! He’s a good guy, but there’s no way we could make him the right size to go with Orb – can you imagine? It wouldn’t even fit in the gym!

We finished the day with a demonstration of our solar system. How did Pluto get in here? That was a surprise, but he stays to represent all of the dwarf planets that have been discovered. We loved hearing a fun fact from one of the students – did you know that Venus and Uranus actually rotate in the opposite direction of the other planets? Wow!

Thanks for having us out, Brookwood! We hope to see you next year!