CUMMING, GEORGIA – SparkPoint Innovations loved visiting all of the K-5 students at Chattahoochee Elementary School in Forsyth County Schools! What a fantastic group of learners those Champs are! 

Orbit Earth Expo launched first with the 1st, 2nd, and 4th graders! Students dove into astronomy topics as they rotated the 14′ earth and revolved the moon. The older students covered eclipses, seasons, tides, winds and planets while the younger students explored day vs night and examined the sky at different times of day. An excellent question from first grade: “Why can we sometimes see the moon in a daytime sky?” What a great question! Sometimes, when the moon is in the right position to reflect the earth’s sun, it will show up brighter than the sky around it! Orb had a blast exploring space with the Chattahoochee Champs!

What kind of eclipse is shown here?

Who’s behind Stephanie…looks like her Sun, George!









Day two at Chattahoochee Elementary was Rocky the Big Canyon Balloon – a geology experience! The kindergarten, 3rd, and 5th grades showed off their knowledge of erosion, weathering, and fast vs slow changes that happen to the earth! Everyone took a trip into the fossil tunnel to undercover secrets from the past hidden in earth’s layers! 

The fossil tunnel!

Time traveling into the future. What changes will happen?


Thanks for a great day, Chattahoochee Elementary! You guys were a great audience and we enjoyed visiting your school! Have a wonderful summer! 


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