NEW RICHMOND, WISCONSIN – What a great experience Orbit Earth Expo had Wednesday! It was a lot of firsts for Orb today in New Richmond, Wisconsin! 

• The first time in Wisconsin!
• The first time doing a library program!
• The first time in an airport! Wow!

The view from the airport hangar was amazing, and before the first program Orb got to see a helicopter take off. Then the Tiger Pack from New Richmond came…we had a great time answering questions from the kids before the program started. One student asked what would happen if the earth stopped spinning, and we found out in the program! (It wouldn’t be good.) After they got to interact with Orb, the kids got a tour of the airport—amazing!


It was a lot of fun meeting the kids and parents who attended the library program after the Tiger Pack left. They were a great audience who already knew the order of the planets – super! Afterward, everyone got a chance to rotate Orb. While students were waiting so patiently in line, we had great conversations about cool things they had learned in science.

It was a really special day. Many thanks to the Friday Memorial Library for making Orbit Earth Expo part of your Universe of Stories!

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