ATHENS, TEXAS – SparkPoint Innovations had a blast with students at Central Athens Elementary School with Rocky the Big Canyon Balloon.
Why do we call him Rocky? Well, take a look at those sedimentary rock layers! Did you know his rock layers even extend behind the waterfall just waiting to be weathered and eroded away?

Speaking of erosion, a shout out to all of the students today who participating in the “Break, Move, Drop” song – you guys are rock stars! Can you share with your families the song that helps you remember what Weathering, Erosion and Deposition mean?

A little surprise fire alarm at the end of the day livened things up for the 5th graders! We also sure enjoyed seeing the third graders bringing in their volcano projects – you guys ROCK! 

Nick enjoyed teaching grade level programs throughout the day. Thank you to the teachers who helped with the program and Ms. Stiles and Ms. Bien for organizing. Thanks for having us out to your school today! Hope to see you again in the future!

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