YORKTOWN, TEXAS – SparkPoint Innovations had a blast with students at Yorktown Elementary School with Rocky the Big Canyon Balloon yesterday and was so excited to stay for a Science Night with the families of Yorktown! A big thank you to the students who brought their parents to meet Rocky! 

Why do we call him Rocky? Well, take a look at those sedimentary rock layers! Did you know his rock layers even extend behind the waterfall just waiting to be weathered and eroded away?

Speaking of erosion, a shout out to all of the students who participated in the “Break, Move, Drop” song – you guys are rock stars! If you didn’t get to bring your parents to Science Night, can you share with your families the song that helps you remember what Weathering, Erosion and Deposition mean?

We enjoyed teaching you guys for a full school day! Thank you to the teachers who helped with the program and the fantastic PTA for setting up our visit and helping out day and night – much appreciated. Thanks for having us out to your school today! We hope to see you again in the future – did you know that Rocky’s buddy Orb has an astronomy experience?