CABARRUS COUNTY SCHOOLS, NORTH CAROLINA — SparkPoint Innovations had a great time bringing Orbit Earth Expo to the students of Patriots STEM Elementary in Cabarrus County last week!

We visited first graders and taught them to the concept of moon phases in a way that they could understand and enjoy. Everyone had a great time, but one of our students was particularly captivated by the concept of moon phases.

As we were explaining the idea in depth, a young boy sprang up and shouted, “I know!” pointing to the cartoon depiction of the moon in all its phases on his shirt. Having another educator on board was a welcome addition, so we asked him to come up to the front of the classes and help teach everyone about moon phases.

Not only was he proud, but the other kids thought he was so cool! How wonderful is that?

Thanks for having us at your school today! We can’t wait to see you again in the future.

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