FORT BENNING, GEORGIA – SparkPoint Innovations had a great time bringing Orbit Earth Expo to the students of Dexter Elementary in Fort Benning, Georgia last week!

Carrie led this wonderful group of students, and we had an outstanding group of PTO moms who supported us through the entire visit. Everyone loved the experience so much, they’re interested in bringing SparkPoint back this spring for Big Canyon Balloon.

The space itself was a beautiful gym that made it easy to get things done. And the PTO president met with Carrie outside of the gym in the morning and at night to help us break down everything after Science Night! That’s true dedication! Even dads got in on the fun by showing their kids where they’ve been deployed on Orb. 

This was Carrie’s first time teaching on a military base, and what a great first time it was!

Thanks for having us at your school today! We can’t wait to see you again in the future.